Welcome to the series of meditation exercises accompanying Awaken the Will to Love! You will find below all audio files accompanying the three segments of the book.

You can get the greatest benefit out of these exercises when you go through the book and do the exercises as indicated in the various chapters. 

And please repeat these exercises as often as you like. You will find that with continued use the experience will become richer and deeper, and will install itself in you. 

The best time to meditate is first thing in the morning, before your mind goes into its busy activity. 

I wish you growing Joy and Love and Will as you go through this program, and may we together awaken the Will to Love and put our world back on track.

Uta Gabbay 

At the end of the page you will also find a Dropbox link, with which you can download the files directly into Dropbox.



Be Here Now                                                                     [player id=807]

Sense of Self                                                                       [player id=759]

Disidentification Exercise                                              [player id=782]

The Mountain                                                                    [player id=784]

Self-Observation                                                               [player id=764]

Personality-Soul Alignment                                           [player id=785]

Relationship                                                                       [player id=786]

Sphere of Influence                                                          [player id=787]



The Group Field                                                                [player id=789]

The Group Purpose                                                          [player id=790]

The Group Focaliser                                                         [player id=791]

Group Alignment                                                              [player id=792]



The National Field                                                            [player id=793]

Ideal Group of Best Citizens                                           [player id=794]

Observation of the National Personality                    [player id=795]

Invocation of the National Soul                                     [player id=796]

Implementing the Vision                                                 [player id=797]


For offline playing or saving the files you can download all the audios by right-clicking on the file or directly from dropbox