Jerusalem Meditation is an online meditation project, with the purpose of fostering right human relations in the Jerusalem-Al Quds area.

Jerusalem as the symbolic City of Peace and as one of the most divided places on our Earth, is of key strategic significance for world peace. Many thousands of people think daily about Jerusalem and feel a deep desire to contribute to human dignity and right relations across its divides.

Online meditations are a new form of ‘spiritual activism’. The technology of webinars makes it possible to meditate together, transcending walls and checkpoints and physical distances.

Once a month, around the time of the New Moon, we meditate together with local and international coworkers from diverse backgrounds on behalf of the Jerusalem – Al-Quds area.

To join forces in meditation has a healing effect personally, gives the opportunity to practice together new spiritual tools and is a service to the world.

The meetings last ca. one hour, and they consist of a guided meditation and a group sharing. The webinar technology enables us to hear and see each other and to communicate freely.

Everyone is invited to participate. To sign up please contact us

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