Welcome to Hechal!

Hechal is …

 … a group in Jerusalem which works since 1997 for the improvement of human relations, primarily through meditation as a service to Humanity. Hechal means Temple or Lighted Space in Hebrew and in Arabic.

Jerusalem Meditation

Jerusalem Meditation is an online meditation project, with the purpose of fostering right human relations in the Jerusalem-Al Quds area. Jerusalem as the symbolic City of Peace and as one of the most divided places

Hechal Events

Hechal holds two regular monthly events:  a  local Full Moon Meditation and an online Jerusalem Meditation, around the time of the New Moon. If you would like to participate in one of them, please

New Book: Awaken the Will to Love

by Uta Gabbay. This book offers a potent and practical tool for personal and collective transformation. It is a step-by-step guide to using meditation for self-empowerment and for becoming an agent of change –