The Co-Creative Spirituality Conference was well put together and well received, with 160 participants. A heart-filled, well-oiled maturity characterised most of the week. I felt at home with the natural flow and with the universal, simple, heart-based language used throughout. My lovely hostess Sara took care of every aspect of my needs. A smoothly operating tech team solved any arising problems.

We presenters met each morning for a brief meditation in the sanctuary beneath the Universal Hall, holding together the focus for the day. We also had a few meetings to enable us to share our impressions and to get to know each other and thus add coherence to the conference.

I enjoyed most of the talks and workshops I attended – how to communicate with trees, and with devas and with so-called threshold beings; Marko Pogacnik explained the Earth changes upon us; and there were several presentations about the Sidhe, which threw added light on my own experiences.

In my own two short workshops on the Higher Human Coworkers I briefly introduced my topic, in simple and universal language, avoiding religious connotations and esoteric terminology. I pointed the participants to use not only their intellects but also their imagination and their hearts while listening to the information, and I deliberately spoke slowly and meditatively.

Then we entered a process of ‘becoming our best version’, in order to establish resonance with our Elders. This was followed by a short teaching on the why and how of building a group field and preparing a welcome space for our Elders.

When the stage was set I guided a meditative process to invite our Elders in slow-motion into our group field, first into the mental field, then into the group heart and then into our physical-etheric presence, gently leading them to open their respective ‘antennas’ as we went through the various phases.

The sharing of the participants was very moving. I was amazed at their courage of relating their very intimate, sacred experiences in the large Universal Hall, especially as it was live-streamed. Old ‘contracts’ with on-high were revisited and reaffirmed. Dreams or experiences with higher beings from childhood were remembered and understood in a new way, calling them to action.

Through a magical co-incidence I was invited to lead the Full Moon meditation in the original sanctuary. It coincided with the FM meditation in Hechal and in another little group in Catalonia I am part of. For the ca 25 people who filled the sanctuary – Findhornians and conference guests – the linking in with these and other groups around the globe was an important experience, as well as the sharing we held after the meditation, both of which are not usually part of the monthly Full Moon event at Findhorn. A felt sense connection was made with Jerusalem, and later there was expressed a wish to somehow continue it, not sure yet how. Several participants mentioned the sense of a higher presence having been part of this meditation. I felt the connection to the higher human coworkers guiding Findhorn.

The next day I was gifted a purple silk scarf, denoting the energy of St Germain, the Master of the 7th Ray.

I wore it for my full day workshop a few days later. Like in the two smaller sessions, more participants than the 12 I had stipulated showed up. We were 19.

During this day we went through an experiential process of getting to know the vibration and qualities of our higher human coworkers, preparing ourselves to open to them, clarifying our motives for wanting to connect with them, defining a ‘purpose statement’ and holding a sacred ceremony in which we presented our statement of intention to our higher human coworker(s).

Three of the four male participants cried. It was a very moving, sacred event, for many the beginning or restart of a relationship with on-high.

There was also a high quality exploration of some issues arising from the group, for example the question why there are only male Masters in the theosophical world view; disciple-obedience versus co-creative partnership; how to integrate the other subtle non-human colleagues into our world view.

The work as a group – the ‘circle of trust and deep care’ was appreciated as an enabler and safe-guard.

I mentioned the ashramic structure according to the Seven Rays, and this elicited enthusiastic exploration by the group, which I hadn’t planned.

On my way to lunch I was handed a pamphlet by what must have been Jehovah’s witnesses or some other conservative Christian group, they didn’t write their identity. It was a quite respectful ‘Alternative to the Co-Creative Spirituality’. In essence it pointed out that the theosophical and Bailey and David Spangler tradition underlying Findhorn may be from the ‘opposition’, and that conference participants should turn on the ‘right way’. I brought the pamphlet to the workshop and we discussed the old thoughtforms standing in the way of the New.

The main focus of the conference lay on the cooperation between incarnated humans and subtle non-human beings. My theme of the subtle human coworkers was a little to the side. But a number of people came up to me every day and expressed their gratitude for the fact that the Masters were given space during this conference, and how important this is for Findhorn. St Germain was mentioned several times as a guiding force behind Findhorn, as well as the fact that since the early days there is a sanctuary dedicated to Him.

At dinner on the last evening I had the pleasure of exchanging impressions with a Findhorn elder. We agreed that at the moment the re-aligning to the non-human subtle coworkers has precedence, but that the re-alignment to Findhorn’s subtle-human Elders is significant as well. She expressed her gratitude to me for holding this connection.

This rounded out my task at Findhorn.

Uta Gabbay