Energy follows thought. As soon as we realize that this is not only an interesting philosophical concept, but a reality, we start to pay attention to the tremendous power we have through the instrument of our mind. Experiencing this power in the act of creating our individual reality leads us sooner or later to the recognition that we have a gift to give to our world. We start using the power of our thoughts and consecration of our hearts on behalf of our family, our community, our nation, the whole planet.

A growing number of people are waking up to the potential of group meditation, as a service to Humanity. When harnessed and directed rightly, the power of a group can become a great instrument for addressing a world problem or supporting a cause for the common good. And a growing number of groups align with each other in global meditations, creating a grid of goodwill, a network of light, love and spiritual power contributing to the harmonizing of our planetary field. Hechal is part of this growing ‘spiritual activism’.