At the time of the Full Moon an energetic door opens wide between the material and the spiritual worlds. At this special time of the month, our Earth is situated precisely on a straight line between the sun and the moon. This enables the planet to receive the full impact of the sun’s stimulation and the energy of one of the twelve astrological constellations being transmitted by the sun each month.

The effect of the increased inflow of solar energy on nature and on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the human being is well-known by many ancient traditions and is today scientifically researched and taken into account in many areas, like for example in agriculture and modern medicine.

The time of the Full Moon presents an opportunity to consciously use the power of thought to reach out to higher levels of consciousness and to touch a higher wisdom and spiritual realization. When a group of spiritually oriented individuals meditate together, a unified field of subtle energy is created by their focused thought and consecration.

This field can be used as a gateway into higher realms of consciousness and also as an outgoing stream of energy into human minds and hearts. Thus the group can act as a mediator between the higher realms of consciousness and Humanity. As we enter the Aquarian Age of group-consciousness, a growing number of groups take their stand at this midway point, as a spiritual service activity on behalf of Humanity.