From ancient times to this current day, the relation between Jews and non-Jews is of central concern in regard to world peace. This relationship is weighed down by a very long history, trauma and much fear. The issues at hand are so ancient and complex that it is extremely difficult to face them, especially by those who are directly involved.

To contribute to the improvement of this relationship is close to our hearts and is actually the most profound aspect of Hechal’s mission for the last 15 years. Our main aim is to engender self-reflection, as we found this to be the central basic ingredient for establishing right relations.

Presentations, workshops and study groups have been held in Israel and abroad. In our ‘Bridge of Compassion’ courses, Jewish people can explore and share in a safe environment what their Jewishness means for them, including their most painful and frightening feelings and questions. And Non-Jews can meet their feelings towards Jews, often being taken by surprise by what has been hiding beneath the surface of their consciousness.

In recent years Hechal has researched Roberto Assagioli’s mission on behalf of the Jewish people. The founder of Psychosynthesis and beloved and respected student and teacher of the Ageless Wisdom developed a rough outline of the process of the ‘Psychosynthesis of a Nation’ and applied it to the Jewish people. Assagioli envisioned the work with national patterns, in group formation, to be a key element in creating Right Human Relations on our planet. Hechal is developing this pioneering work further.