Hechal understands itself primarily as a laboratory for group work and group service. The aim is to build a Lighted Space, a ‘Hechal’, through which we can, as a group, have a positive influence on our surroundings and the planet.

At the threshold of the new age of Aquarius, which is very centrally about Humanity’s development of group consciousness, research of the laws underlying group life are of vital relevance.

In our regular local and online meetings we experiment with various models, for example with the science of group work as developed by the Community of Living Ethics in Italy.  This is a new group leadership model geared to make spiritual groups effective in the present transition period. We also employ the Seven Rays in a conscious and structured way in our group work, according to the model of the Star, developed by Enzio Savoini.

The heart of group work is, simply, heart-ful relationships. Over many years we cultivate what we call ‘spiritual friendship’. This is a curious state of ’personal impersonality’ – caring deeply for each other, on a soul level. This state and how to cultivate it, is expressed beautifully through the following mantra: ‘I am one with my group brothers, and all that I have is theirs. May the love of my soul pour forth to them; may the strength which is in me lift and aid them; may the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them’. (Alice Bailey)

Hechal cooperates with many coworkers and groups around the world, participating in building a global network of spiritual workers for the common good. The close interaction with international coworkers weaves ‘spiritual airways’ between the Middle East and the rest of the world. For people in areas of high tension meditating together can function as a spiritual lifeline, providing symbolically, but very tangibly, some air to breathe.